Kitchen Dreams


photo credit: pinterest

I was doing a bit of pinterest browsing and was immediately enamored when this picture came on my feed. This kitchen…oh my!! Just look at all.that.light!! Sky lights, a wall of windows over the sink, open shelving, high ceilings, mix of rustic and modern. I was just recently telling the husband how I wanted a sunroom or some sky lights in the house because the sun gives me so much life. I guess it’s the southern Cali girl in me. Needless to say, this immediately moved to the number one spot on the list of my dream kitchen.

But just like pinterest wants you to do, I did a bit more browsing…just to see some more (read: more practical) options. Let’s take a look.

kitchen 2

photo credit: pinterest

lacking a little warmth and character but again, the ceilings!

kitchen 3

photo credit: pinterest

this is more about the dining area but those pillows add so much warmth to the space

kitchen 4

photo credit: pinterest

clean, modern yet earthy and organic…great mix

kitchen 5

photo credit: pinterest

all white dishes, subway tile, marble countertops, all right up my alley

kitchen 6

photo credit: pinterest

farmhouse pantry, yes!

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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