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photo credit: Seven Sister PDX

40. . .So far it has been a good year into this new transition. I have grown; in more ways than one! Tastes have changed and with that, so have my fashion “taste-buds”.  I love Instagram.  Every once and a while, I come across a little gem that must be shared.  Today I have 3! Calder Blake, Lisa Says Gah, and Seven Sisters Pdx. All very similar in style aesthetic, but still offering up easy, breezy, fun, yet unique clothing and accessory options. One might say monochromatic and blah, but I say flirty, comfortable and easy to accessorize! We mommies on-the-go need all things easy and comfortable, yet chic and out of the ordinary. Let’s see why I love each of these online shops and perhaps you will add them to your list too. . .

Calder Blake-Located in L.A. and screams boho-chic, with a few twists and turns!

a few faves of mine. . .

Seven Sisters- Located in Portland and are all about female designers, timeless designs, and sustainable quality! 

a few faves of mine. . .


Lisa Says Gah- Based out of San Francisco offering up clothing that leave you with that “I just gotta have”  feeling! 

a few faves of mine. . .


Bohemian Chic Sites. . . Sign me up!

chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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