Summer Eyes. . .

photo credit: blahblahbirds my cali krewe

photo credit: blahblahbirds
my cali krewe

Sunny days call for summer shades and there are some great new sunnies calling my name! First up, Krewe du optic. I love this unique brand, based out of New Orleans! I first learned about them while on vacay in Mexico and my beach girlfriend, Viv, hipped me to the what’s hot in NOLA. With great details, colors, fabulous names (like my Louisa’s) and excellent customer service, this Krewe is becoming a fave among celebs and everyday folk, like myself and sure to be around for a good while. Check them out on insta!

My faves. . .

photo credit: Krewe du optic

photo credit: Krewe du optic

 Meet, Julia


Meet, St. LouisJosephine-White-Website-Front_7b6c55b4-c4d9-4c16-b35f-c74c449feb05_1024x1024

Meet, Josephine

My next sunny discovery came about on the school playground. I passed a fellow co-worker on duty, sporting these super fly and appropriately named: Diff sunnies! When she said they offered cool and affordable shades, I was all over it and boy was she right (thanks, Molly). Diff is a charitable eyewear line, that prides itself on supplying quality sunglasses for a fraction of the cost and to top it off, for every purchase made, Diff will provide a pair of eye glasses to rural Africa (they are paired with Eyes on Africa)-pretty cool! And the coolest part, is that the shades are super cute!!! The Dime and Dime II get my vote. . .

photo credit: diff eyewear

photo credit: diff eyewear



Sights for Summer Eyes. . .

chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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