Summer is Here


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My favorite season is officially here!! I just love the longer days and warmer temps. The warmer temps are much more enjoyable in Cali without all the humidity in Atlanta but I’ll take the sun over the cold air any day. No more coats or jackets, nothing but sandals, BBQ’s, porch parties and lounging by the pool or traveling to the beach. It’s just the perfect time to take an adventure, tackle that fun project and have some fun. It doesn’t get any better than summer.

So how are you going to enjoy the next few months? Loved some of the ideas from here, here, and here. What are some of my plans?

  • Read a few books, less TV…except OITNB and Power
  • Go to the new farmers market in my neighborhood
  • Plan a picnic with friends
  • Listen to my Yacht Rock Jams in the car back by popular demand
  • Attend an outdoor music festival…this one has a crazy lineup
  • Take at least one road trip with the hubby (been dying to get to Nashville)
  • Get back into yoga classes
  • Cook from my cookbooks instead of the internet. Cravings is first up!
  • Learn how to quilt
  • Dine al fresco as often as possible.
  • …… (leaving this open for all the other fun things that will pop up 🙂

Honestly, this 70’s summer list for children is right up my ally too, lol.


Chat ya’ later

Ladybird D

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