The Takeover. . .

photo credit: alo yoga

There’s a new fashion-yogi in town and it’s name isn’t Lulu! Have you heard about the LA based Alo Yoga? The newest craze in athleisure wear and all the celebs are rocking these super, sleek, leggings and more. Now, I must admit I am a fan of this brand, but not always a fan of their high prices! Alo doesn’t fall short of high price tags, but offer a nice selection of sale items and super funky mesh paneled (my current obsession) designs!! Check out a few of my faves. . .





Alo Yoga - Lia Tank - Rich-Navy-Seaport-Blue-Icelandic-Print-3

lia tank

Alo Yoga - Tranqulity Romper - White-Tie-Dye-Black-1

tranquility romper

Work out. Look Great!

chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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