The Village…

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Recently, I took a trip to Atwater Village.  Not far from me, but I never hangout there.  What brought me to The Village?  I met up with a another shopping mama at the Ultra Violet Kids sample sale.  Yep, anything for the kids! Ultra Violet Kids is a fairly new local brand designing major cuteness for the major cute…the kiddies! I got some great things for June and even got me a $5 pair of sunnies that are majorly cute!


la racked

After we shopped til’ we dropped, we had our hearts set on Proof Bakery.  So, we headed that way!  Now, it was almost 100 degrees at like 11:30am.  Why would we walk in this heat? One word…Bread! On our short walk there, we popped in a few stores. If you’re ever in the area or visiting L.A., take a trip to Atwater Village and check out…


COMMON Los Angeles

Great for a Cali fresh, easy-breezy, l.a. chic look.  You can find stuff like this




Great for unique finds!  Treehaus has everything from jewelry to stuff for the babies. I fell in love with Janjoon jewelry and bought June a Los Angeles tee by Maptote. Love it!

jacknife records

jacknife records

Perfect place to go to find rare records or tapes. I peeped in, but can’t wait to go and spend a little more time.  The husband and I have been collecting old records.



I hear this place is really yummy.  Ladybird D has been there for brunch and raved about it. Will make my way there soon.

discover los angeles

discover los angeles

The breakfast burritos are legendary. I didn’t know this until now, but the breakfast tacos were mouth-watering. Will be back!



Proof Bakery has the best darn croissants, breads, tarts, quiche, and you definitely have to get an ice coffee. Yummy stuff! Run, don’t walk!


and that’s my visit to Atwater Village!

I’ll be back!

Ladybird J
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