Fresh Scents. . .

photo credit: Byredo

photo credit: Byredo

The smell of the outdoors might not sound very appealing, but I can distinctly recall spending summers at my great aunts farm in Riverside California and I was always in awe of the fact that she hung her linen out to dry, but come bed time, I had a different appreciation for the act of air drying. Those crisp white sheets were fresh, soft, and embracing. Some of the best sleep I’ve ever encountered. Fast forward 30 years, while trolling through my Real Simple I came across this description:
Outside, large still-damp sheets flap dry on a clothesline. A microscopic vapor slowly escapes from the weave of the fabric, releasing the clean scent steeped in the sun-warmed fibers. It permeates the air with a soft, sweet smell you long to capture as you run your hands over the laundry that slowly stiffens on the line. This freshness holds an everlasting promise of renewal. A blank page to be written. An immaculateness that comforts and boosts the spirits.
My thoughts immediately revert back to my Aunt Christine’s farm and to top it off, it described a fragrance that could not only be sprayed on your skin, but on your fabric, without leaving a trace!! I had to try this!! Byredo Toile was a birthday treat to myself and I am totally in love! I could wear this everyday all day and probably will.
photo credit: the beauty cove

photo credit: the beauty cove

Fresh. . .

Clean. Fresh. Toile!

chat ya’ later

Ladybird T.

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