Web-Jaunt, a weekly rundown of what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.



photo credit: harpers baazar

photo credit: harpers baazar

streetstyle…makes me crazy!



photo credit: traceeellisross.com

photo credit: traceeellisross.com

read this and report back. . .amazing post!




photo credit: racked la

this made me kinda sad…




le catch

these made me smile…had to have




photo credit: chic mama la

tacos always make me happy



since we are also fans of Solange, and I saw her in concert here in Atl last night, here is a snippet of what she has to offer



photo credit: the kitchn

photo credit: the kitchn

these tips really do help make being in the kitchen a little easier



photo credit: joy the baker

photo credit: joy the baker

banana, walnut & chocolate cookie cake! really? I mean really? this will be made!



Happy 1st day of March…Bring on the Spring!

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