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age gracefully. . .

The sweetest drink for a going away party

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more lemonade. . .

more lemonade. . .

Add some avocado crema to take your taquito recipe to the next level

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get in my belly!


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photo credit: okayplayer

Summer is looking up. . .

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

The Ladybirds

Gingham Style…

It’s all about your ankles this Spring/Summer, and what better way to show them off than with these adorable Miu Miu double buckle ankle tie flats.  I’m so in love with these and would love to own a pair, but my pockets and my husband would not agree.  So, I’m thinking a DIY project is in order.  How hard could it be? Find a pair of  simple ballerina flats (probably in my closet), pick up about 6 to 8 inches of Gingham and solid black Grosgrain ribbon from the fabric store (I can be creative with my choices),  measure and cut ribbon based on my ankle size, tact ribbon on each side using some fabric glue, and voila! A budget-friendly ankle tie flat.  Stay tuned for the results!!






 Check out a few other options to show off those ankles this Spring/Summer  here, here, and here!

Express your inner ballerina

chat later
Ladybird J

Lemons to Lemonade

lucy lemonade

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Have you all been served your Lemonade?

Although I’m still in the midst of celebrating the music of Prince (can’t get enough of the sirius Prince tribute channel and all the video footage postings on FB) I’m also grooving to the new music Queen Bey dropped over the weekend



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With stunning visuals and powerful lyrics, Bey served us doses of feminism and social justice all while addressing the history of black women, our generations of strength in carrying our community and men and the ancestral ties that bind us. The range of emotions most women experience in a relationship were so real that I’m sure many women have found one song as their own personal anthem. While I don’t necessarily think she is speaking about cheating going on in her relationship with Jay-Z, I think they are both brilliant for making us think so while showing the softer side of their relationship throughout a sometimes imperfect situation.

I’ve been a fan of Beyonce for some time (all us Ladybirds have) its been well documented here and  here. But I just love how Lemonade has really gotten some of my slow buzzing friends to come over to the beyhive….Welcome!

So, what were your thoughts?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D

Forever In My Heart. . .

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

Loss…Lost…I don’t know what it is, but as of late, I have been faced with a lot of loss. First my neighbor, then Phife, and now Prince. Now, yes I know the last two I didn’t know personally, but my heart really feels broken up over the death of one of the most prolific, influential, risk taking, beyond talented, artists this country World, has and probably will ever see. My love for Prince, like many, spans decades. I was quickly reminded of the life sized poster my mother brought home from work (perks of working in the music industry) of his majesty, promoting his movie debut-Purple Rain! It was too big to have in my room, so it hung out in the basement, but best believe every extra moment I had, was spent glazing in his eyes, pretending it was me, not Apollonia standing in the shadows, watching “the Kid”.  I love Prince.

photo credit: etsy

photo credit: etsy

My all time favorite memory has to be when I was 9 year’s old and the Purple Rain Tour was in full-swing. Mommy had tickets for she and I to head out to the Forum, but a few days before the big night, I came down with a terrible cold!! A missed day of school probably meant no concert for me. But, there was absolutely no way in hell that I was missing this concert! No way!!! Oh and did I mention it was rainy and cold? Still, no way! Mommy bundled me up in layers and even threw in a purple turtleneck (how could I show my true devotion and not wear purple?) I went. I danced. I sang. I cried. Truly, it was one of my life’s most memorable moments.

photo credit: google images

photo credit: google images

Fast foward to 2004 and another Prince event was calling my name. 20 years later and I was still enamored with his greatness. Off to Philly with my sister and a couple of girlfriends to see yet another amazing, stellar performance by this awesome individual.


photo credit: prince.com

photo credit: prince.com

one of my faves. . .sign of the times


It’s hard to believe that {the}Prince is gone and that I won’t have an opportunity to have another special, memorable moment for myself or even to share with my boys. But, his musical genius will keep us going for many more years to come. I’ve already got my 4-year-old howling, “Let’s Get Nuts!” And the music lives on. . .


Until the End of Time. . .I Truly Adore U!

chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.


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