Do You Kombucha?

I know I’m late to the program but do you kombucha? Well, you may have to know what kombucha is before you can answer that question, I know I needed to wikipedia it. Kombucha refers to the preparation of fermented black or green teas that has been used more commonly in beverages because of its health benefits. The tea is fermented using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), the essential ingredient in brewing kombucha. I’m sure you’ve seen it while checking out at Whole Foods.

photo credit: all things G & D

photo credit: all things G & D


Although I’ve been able to practice impulse control while checking out at WF, I’ve had a little sample of the gingerade kombucha during their tastings. It was…okay. Nothing really exciting, full of fizz, but not horrible. It’s totally drinkable if you are looking for the reported health benefits (improving digestion, immunity building, lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer). But my interest has been peeked again because of the popularity of brewing your own kombucha at home.



Here, Tracy shows us how and has already tried a variety of flavors

photo credit: shutterbean

photo credit: shutterbean


More tips offered here via the Kitchn

photo credit: the kitchn

photo credit: the kitchn


Atlanta even has it’s first and only locally made kombucha tea company in Golda

photo credit: golda kombucha

photo credit: golda kombucha


I don’t think I’m ready to brew my own kombucha but I am a bit excited to show a little local love and try Golda’s kombucha. Especially if I can add a few health benefits in there, lol.

So, do you kombucha?


Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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One thought on “Do You Kombucha?

  1. Not me. But the husband does. Tasted a gingerade flavor during a taste testing at WF Santa Monica; it was pretty tasty, but I’m not sold. I’ll stick with my apple cider vinegar! Great post!

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